The Smoking Rat

no fighting allowed.

Anonymous: How was the Man Man concert? Did you take any pictures?

it was amazing! as always. it was my eighth time seeing man man. sadly, since they were the opener, the crowd was kinda dead but i still shook it. 

me and my friend went out to smoke during gogol bordello and ended up talking to honus for like an hour. he’s just the coolest dude, and is always willing to talk to fans/friends. super nice and intelligent.

i ddn’t get any pictures of the show, but i did get a picture of me punching ryan, so i’ll upload that later c:

Honus appreciated my Man Man shin tats.


There is a little punk rock mafia everywhere you go. She is good to me and I am good to her.


Tonight we’re playing Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, friends, we’ve got you covered: the whole show is being live-streamed by Yahoo! Spread the word - Let’s make this a global party!